The Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (WCSPP), since it’s founding in 1974, was conceived as a pluralistic psychoanalytic training institute valuing many different psychoanalytic perspectives. The institute was chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York in that same year.  True to its origins, the institute and the psychoanalytic community it supports today remains a place of openness to diverse theoretical models of the mind and clinical approaches to healing.  It is a vibrant center of psychoanalytic thought that draws mental health professionals from our home in Westchester County as well as neighboring counties in New York and Connecticut.

Along with a rigorous curriculum and a reputation for excellence, we pride ourselves in being a psychoanalytic community that is welcoming and encouraging to newcomers.  We help to facilitate an environment that encourages creativity in a warm and supportive atmosphere.  We urge our students to take an active role in our community by becoming involved in committees or other aspects of our institute.  We strongly believe in the power of human relationships to facilitate growth and healing.  We encourage self-awareness through a candidate’s own treatment and supervision.  We believe that the most effective post-graduate training of clinicians takes place through a three-pronged approach to training.  This approach includes the student’s own psychodynamic treatment, ongoing consultation with a supervisor, and didactic classwork with our faculty instructors.  Our institute is dedicated to introspection, reflection, and a deep regard for the other.

Since our institute was founded by a small group of eminent psychoanalysts who valued multiple psychoanalytic perspectives, we continue to encourage that ongoing dialogue today.  In addition to core training classes, there are numerous opportunities throughout the academic year to attend lectures, workshops, films, conferences and our Psychoanalytic Association’s annual retreat weekend.  We also have many opportunities for social and professional networking.

We have five training programs at WCSPP:  our two year Adult Psychotherapy Program, our four year Psychoanalytic Program, our two year Child and Adolescent Program, our one year Couples Program, and our one year Supervision Program.  Even though each of these programs has their own classes with their own candidates, we encourage all of our candidates to come together at times as a unified student community.

At WCSPP we also have a Psychotherapy Service that provides ongoing psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to children, adolescents, couples and adults, all on a sliding scale.  Our Psychotherapy Service is committed to respecting patient confidentiality.  Therefore we do not accept insurance that can impose limits on the length of psychotherapy and control the nature of the treatment itself.  Furthermore, we do not believe that human problems can be solved by a “quick fix”.

Please contact me or any of our directors to become more acquainted with our programs and our community.  I along with our dedicated program directors look forward to meeting with you to discuss any ways that we can contribute to your professional as well as your personal development.

Stewart M. Crane, LCSW

Director, Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy